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Shark! Shark!

Can you safely hide the mermaid eggs from the sharks?

Credits:  Game development and programming by Janette.

Coral Backgrounds:  Copyright © 2006 Susan McKivergan (Vendor Name: Sveva)

Royalty-Free Music: Extracts from the following - Best of Pro 1 & 2 Inner Rhythm Studios

Shark: Thank you for the free shark to:  Sharkelton - The Posable Shark  By Ravenous (Renderosity)  (Textures changed)

Mermaids on game finish & game-over pages Christen Hernandez (AKA Faerydae)

Thank you to the artists for the free goodies at Renderosity:   www.renderosity.com

Treasure Chest: 2007 CybrWorks from Syntrifid, J. A. Hesson.

Camouflage Net: Helgard de Barros

Surfboard: 3D Strike

Credits not given for the sundry small items used, however, if you’d like to know where I got them or who created them, please feel free to e-mail me. Some of them are compositions of many different artists’ work.

Shark! Shark! Puzzle Game Screenshot Shark! Shark! Puzzle Game Screenshot Shark! Shark! Puzzle Game Screenshot Shark! Shark! Puzzle Game Screenshot



Sound and Music

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.


Tested and working on Windows 10.

Choose from 3 options that determine how much time you have to place your eggs before the sharks arrive and how fast they swim.

With a GO button so that you don’t have to wait for the timer to run out. Level 1 is relaxed, easy play and you have lots of time, level 3 you have to be quick.

Try to determine what route the shark is going to swim and then place the eggs out of harm’s way.