Can you catch all the pizzas?

Pizzantropia Screenshot

Catch the falling pizzas, don’t let them touch the floor! Avoid the obstacles but do catch the potions. Earn coins to unlock new levels and characters.



Sound and Music


My Son is a Dog

This game is based on the comic strip, My son is a Dog by José Sepi and like the comic strip is in English and Spanish.

System Requirements: Windows PC

This game was tested to work on Windows 10.

This game is written in the resolution 1920 x 1080 and will be that size if played in window mode on a monitor larger than that. It will stretch to fill your screen if played full-screen. It will stretch to fill your screen on a square monitor as well.

(Should you prefer it doesn't stretch and want the black bars top and bottom instead, feel free to ask - it's a press of a button from my side to give you a version like that.)

This game was also tested and working on Windows XP, 504mb Ram 1.73 GHZ.

There is a free demo version for you to test that it will work on your pc.

Pizzantropia Screenshot Pizzantropia Screenshot Pizzantropia Screenshot Pizzantropia Screenshot Español
Demo: Full version:

To download the free demo click on the link: View game on

Look for Download demo near the bottom of the page.

No registration or email address required.

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