Pivoting People

Can you find the matching character?

Find the exact matching character among a bunch of characters created to confuse you.  This requires a lot of attention to the finest details - like the colour of the hands, shoes or tie.



Sound and Music


Game development and programming:  

Created and programmed by Janette.


The graphics were created by Janette using rendered images - rendered in Iclone with the character, Mr Pose & Friends, from Reallusion.


Music created with Magix Music Maker.


Windows PC: System Requirements

This game is written in the resolution 1280 x 720 and will be that size if played in window mode on a monitor larger than that. It will stretch to fill your screen if played full-screen. With the high-resolution graphics it still looks great on a screen of 1920 x 1080.

This game was extensively tested on Windows 10.

This game was also tested and working on Windows XP, 504mb Ram 1.73 GHZ.

The PC version & Android version is sold separately. Available at Amazon badge
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