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Pigs can Fly

Can you capture the flying pigs with your camera?

Pigs can Fly Game Screenshot Pigs can Fly Game Screenshot Pigs can Fly Game Screenshot Pigs can Fly Game Screenshot



Sound and Music

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.


It’s easy enough to be fun, difficult enough to be a challenge.  It will probably take you a few tries to get gold.

You’ve heard people say - that will come true when pigs can fly?

Well they can - so tell them to come see for themselves!

Use your camera to take pictures of the flying pigs - because nobody is going to believe you!

The more pictures you take the more points you get. (Uhm - shoot the pigs using your camera, but you’re not really shooting them, okay?)

Beware of the pigs flying into your camera, it will take a lot of damage.  

Did I mention the pigs aren’t potty trained and you’re likely to get soiled?

Type of Game: Scrolling shooter, play with keyboard.

Levels: 10

Difficulty Settings:  

Duration:  About 20 minutes for the full game.

Game Saves:  No, it is short, you’ll always have to start from level 1.

Full Screen / Window:  Can be toggled from inside the game.  

Tested and working on Windows 10.


Renders of 3D Graphics are from Effect 3D Studio.

This game is based on a GameMaker Training Tutorial that was included with GameMaker 7.  

(Yes, this game is way old - but was updated to work in Windows  8 … 10.)