Feral Felines

Hidden object and sliding puzzle game

System Requirements

Game development and programming:  

Created and programmed by Janette.


The animals on the slider puzzles were adapted from graphics created by Antje Darling.

The images were created by combining the feline images created by Jane Eden (including 1 white tiger) and 2 white tigers created by Ilona Vozari and Bez Boardman that were placed on backgrounds or part of backgrounds created by the following people:

Gill Brooks - On the edge 04 - Standing On The Edge

Lucie Grenier  (Running waters 02 + 05)

Susan Justice AKA Sveva: Enchanted Fantasy Winter; The Beautiful Orient; Charmed Woodlands 3

Scifibabe’s Secret Hideaways: Ancient Posts, Garden pavilion

Schonee  Secret Place 7

Tamara Donahoe:  Zai's Background Collection: Star Gazers

Crazzelle - Lzy724 Simply Spring & Simply Winter

Veronica Atanacio (aka folkvangar) - fantasybg_08

Ilona Vozari and Bez Boardman:  Romance Novel Combo; Shades of Light

didi_mc: Arrow of Time; For the Moment

 _Breeze - Mix Magic Backgrounds

Rajesh K. Misra - Fall Backgrounds

Makena (Martha Nedermeijer) and Sahejaa (Hettie Kamphuis) Autumn Worlds

Additional elements, brushes created by a variety of artists were used in creating the final pieces.


Recommended: 1.80GHZ 2 Gig Ram

This game was tested to work on Windows 10.

This game is written in the resolution 1920 x 1080 and will be that size if played in window mode on a monitor larger than that. It will stretch to fill your screen if played full-screen. It will stretch to fill your screen on a square monitor as well.

(Should you prefer it doesn't stretch and want the black bars top and bottom instead, feel free to ask - it's a press of a button from my side to give you a version like that.)

Click the area in the picture that matches the square on the left.

Solve the sliding puzzle.


Find-the-square casual mode:

Find-the-square expert mode:


Sound and Music

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.


Feral Felines Game Screenshot Feral Felines Game Screenshot Feral Felines Game Screenshot Feral Felines Game Screenshot Feral Felines Game Screenshot Feral Felines Game Screenshot
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