Confused Christmas

Can you sort out Christmas and discover who confused it?

Confused Christmas Game Screenshot


Backgrounds & Props were either originally created by these artists or I’ve used a portion of their work or modified their original work to use in this game.

Angela Hensel  'aka' DarkAngelGrafics, Lucie Grenier, Davor Planinec (a.k.a -dp-), Chrislenn, Makena, Atenais (Liudmila Metaeva), Charisse aka Polyanthus, Tracey Shirkey aka Harvest Moon, YummKiss, classylady and ron, Angelika Holz alias Freda Fredriksson, Ilona Vozari (ilona), John Girouard (SkoolDaze) and Bez Boardman (Bez), Images from iclipart

None of the graphics were created by me they were all selected from free or purchased royalty-free content 2D providers. The aka bits are often their vendor names at the stores as credit is given in the same way their names are typed in their “readme” files.

I used so many small bits and pieces from so many collections that I may have left off a name or two from this list. My apologies. If you spot something you made, e-mail me and I’ll add your name to the list.

Except the boxes - the people I purchased it from are definitely credited above. (There were a few vendors selling identical box pictures .png)

Royalty-free Music:

Tracks purchased from Music Loops

Partners In Rhyme, Inc.

Confused Christmas Game Screenshot Confused Christmas Game Screenshot Confused Christmas Game Screenshot


Sound and Music



Find the gifts and decorations that are muddled up one at a time. In between you might spot who muddled them up. It won’t be revealed - you’ll have to reach level 13 and find out for yourself.

Sound and Music can be turned on or off individually from the settings menu.

There are 2 songs, bouncy versions of Jingle Bells & We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Choose from 3 settings that determine:

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