Tips and Tricks

Objects already placed on the floor are there as hints to help you solve the puzzle. You may move them as there could be more than one solution.

An object may be moved while the Bouncies are jumping. This is entirely optional as the puzzles are created so that you won’t need to move the objects during the jumps.

The balls roll along the floor. Use this to your best advantage.

You don’t have to place an object just because there is a floor space. Sometimes the best solution is to leave a specific place empty.

Even if the Bouncies only hit the very edge of an object with any part of their body they will still complete the jump. However, in expert mode, they often slip through two touching or very closely placed objects and land on the floor as the objects give way.

Level 1 - 50:  

Bouncy Bounce is quite bouncy and bounces from the top at the same angle he hits it.

Level 51 - 100:  

Boldy Bounce is heavier than Bouncy so falls down to earth in a straight line.

Level 101-150:   

Brisk Bounce is a super athlete and very fast and he jumps in very tight angles.


The fluffy objects are all in shades of green.  They are, regardless of shape,  the slowest and have the shortest angles.

The material objects are all shades of yellow and have medium speed and medium angles.

The latex objects are all shades of pink or multi-coloured. They are the fastest and have the widest angles.

The sponge objects of all three materials are slower than other objects of the same material.

The trampoline objects of all three materials are faster than other objects of the same material.


After completing a level the next three levels are opened up for you to play.  If you are struggling to pass a level you can skip it by clicking LEVEL SELECT and then you can simply click on the button of the level you want to play.  

You can also replay any level by clicking on its button instead of clicking on PLAY.

Can you help Bouncy, Boldy and Brisk Bounce cross the room without touching the floor?


Tap and drag the object off the shelf.  Thereafter you can let go, the objects will stay with you.

Tap on a circle to place the object, either on the floor or back on the shelf.

Place the objects such that the Bouncies can jump across without touching the floor.

The properties of the objects will affect the speed and angles of the jumps.

On the final jump the Bouncies need to exit through the portal.

Get gold by using the least amount of jumps to cross the room and by catching all the apples.


The Bouncies always jump in predictable ways and the objects always have the same effect on them. There are some objects placed on the floor as hints on some levels.


There are no hints. The Bouncies move faster. There are more physics effects applied to the objects which will impact how the balls roll, how bouncy the objects are and that the balls might not roll in the same direction every time.

The Bouncies elements in the game The Bouncies elements in the game The Bouncies elements in the game The Bouncies elements in the game The Bouncies elements in the game Evolutionary Games  Casual Games Evolutionary Logo
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